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Ambler  organizes  the  offer  of  the  best  providers  (private  ambulances and  medical transportation  operators  and  approved  taxis)  in  order  to  meet  the  demand  from  healthcare institutions and individuals in a transparent and optimized way.

Hospitals  and  clinics  that  use  the  management  and  booking  platform  developed  by Ambler find much value in the time saving for the care workers, the smoothness of the patients’ route to care and the budget control.

Individuals can book their medical transportation in just a few clicks, for free, and in a completely secure manner regarding health data processing. Ambler checks the excellency of the providers by rigorously selecting them for a more serene experience.

The private ambulance companies which partner with Ambler enjoy an oversupply of revenue  with  a  boosted  order  book.  Besides,  the  algorithms  that  assign  orders  improve  the utilization rate of the fleets, the latter being otherwise at an average rate of 45%.

Watch this video (in French) to have the testimony of a medical facility working with Ambler.

About the founders/CEO:

Thomas Bournac is CEO and Co-Founder. Before Ambler, he was in charge of partnerships at FlixBus France, and previously Amazon. 

Nicolas Dumont is a Co-Founder and CPO. Nicolas was Product Management Lead at Blablacar before cofounding Ambler. He studied telecommunication engineering at Telecom ParisTech.

Julien Déléan is a Co-Founder and CTO at Ambler. Before cofounding the company, he was manager of applications at Winamax Poker.

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