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ApolloShield is the much needed solution to a growing problem that is becoming increasingly prominent in today's world. With the creation of drones comes the inevitable creation of another form of technology which must be regulated unless it is used by the wrong people. Unfortunately, it is all to easy for those with malintention to misuse the drone, and so ApolloShield's technology works to detect said drones and send them back to where they came from. This is a far more efficient and safe way to rid the skies of dangerous drones, without the use of lasers or guns.

The technology can distinguish between those drones which are meant to be in the skies, and those which are not, a unique feature which no other system has been able to achieve. However, as complicated as this technology sounds, it is very accessible and simple for the user, merely involving plugging a small unit with an antenna into both a power outlet and an internet connection, to provide access to the device's command center. The system will then detect the drone's radio signal and reprogram it to fly back to its pilot.

The uses for ApolloShield drone detection technology are endless, whether you are trying to keep the skies clear at an event or a law enforcement facility, or whether you are a celebrity wanting to rid the skies of paparazzi drones, ApolloShield can easily become the technology that you cannot live without.

About the founders/CEO:

Nimo Shkedy and Gilad Beeri are the two cofounders of ApolloShield Antri-Drone Systems.

Nimo Shkedy: Since founding ApolloShield in 2015, Mr. Shkedy has been an active member of the global counter-drone community, participating in working groups at the INTERPOL, mentoring directors of security, hosting workshops and educational sessions, providing consulting services, and deploying integrated counter-drone systems for various customers in the US and Europe. Prior to ApolloShield, Mr. Shkedy commanded cross-functional cyber operations at Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200, commonly referred to as “the Israeli NSA”, where he has received numerous recognitions for leading award-winning national security projects.

Gilad Beeri: Mr. Beeri has experience as a CTO, VP, R&D and team leader. He has a passion for solving business problems using software, while at the same time working in an enjoyable environment. He has a lot of experience in various fields, from system architecture, to cyber security, web development (front-end and back-end) and Software Defined Radio.

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