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Founded in 2014, Bitrise is the world’s first mobile DevOps platform and built specifically to address mobile’s challenges and empower mobile teams to deliver their best work. Today, thousands of customers across the globe build their apps using Bitrise, to keep their release cycles short, release updates with confidence, and maximise their ability to compete on mobile.

The platform was built to help mobile developers spend their time on meaningful work, instead of losing time and energy to the archaic manual practices that defined mobile before Bitrise. As a result, Bitrise's continuous integration and delivery service has become a core part of modern mobile engineering stacks, and can be found in many of the world’s most popular mobile applications.

Knowing that mobile product excellence is a moving target, Bitrise has since expanded its capabilities to provide businesses with the insights, tools and automation they need to constantly improve on their ability to deliver mobile products that delight their end-users.

Bitrise’s ambition is to close the chasm between the world’s growing need for mobile product, and the ability of today’s mobile product organizations to deliver. To do this, they are building the tools, processes and practices that define what the next 10 years of mobile product delivery will look like. Over 150 people in a dozen countries are working tirelessly to make this a reality, and are always on the lookout for talent to join the team.

About the founders/CEO:

Bitrise was founded by Barnabas Birmacher, Viktor Benei, and Daniel Balla, who - working in a successful mobile development agency - shared a deep-rooted frustration with the mobile development process.

Barnabas Birmacher, CEO

Barnabas, prior to founding Bitrise, held the position of CEO at Bitfall, a mobile development agency working on the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. His formal education includes a degree from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and has since been enriched by the Y Combinator incubator and growth programs.

Viktor Benei, CTO

Like Barnabas, Viktor worked at Bitfall, having co-founded the company and working as its CTO. Prior to this, he worked as iOS developer and 3D Programmer for several software companies. He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with an MSc in IT, and has gone through the YC incubator program.

Daniel Balla, CPO

Before becoming CPO in 2017, Daniel spent several years acting as CCO of Bitrise. He too gained first-hand experience with mobile development practices while working for the Bitfall agency founded by Barnabas and Viktor. Daniel holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and has spent several years elevating his product knowledge through Y Combinator, Reforge and other programs.

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