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Chatdesk creates software that help companies deliver better customer support, drive sales growth and scale efficiently.

The company has a suite of products to better facilitate the support they can offer:

  • Chatdesk Teams helps companies to manage repetitive tickets and respond to comments on Facebook and Instagram ads. With this feature, companies have reduced response times by up to 70% and increased conversion on social ads by over 10%.
  • Chatdesk Shift helps companies to reduce their call volume by over 15%, by shifting calls to messaging and self-help.
  • Chatdesk Trends allows to see trends and top-contact drivers by automatic tagging of customer feedback. It enables to easily identify actionable insights and drive business impact across customer support.

About the founders/CEO:

Chatdesk's cofounders are Aneto Okonkwo and Andrew Olaleye.

Aneto previously worked at Google for over 7 years as a Product Manager, contributing to projects such as Voice Search and the Google Assistant. Prior to Google, he was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, serving clients in various industries across sales, operations and IT architecture. He has a BS and MA from Stanford University, where he was a Mayfield Fellow.

Andrew has 10+ years of experience within customer experience, strategy, operations and finance. He has worked across North America, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa in companies such as McKinsey & Company, Promasidor and The Vanguard Group. His recent work focus has been centered around driving operational improvements through technology and digitization.

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