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Collectiv Food is a team of food service professionals and innovators on a mission to deliver an automated, sustainable and customer-centric food supply service. They are disrupting the old-fashioned, inefficient and opaque supply chain of the food and beverages wholesale industry and leading the way to a fairer, more efficient and transparent food supply chain. The company specializes in sourcing meat, seafood and plant-based proteins directly from trusted producers around the world. Using Collectiv Food allows for improvement in margins, productivity and quality of ingredients.

At the heart of their mission is a passion for good food and so they only allow producers onto their platform who share their core values on the quality and sourcing of produce. They streamline the supply chain and deliver fresh ingredients directly to professional kitchens at better prices with better quality. Typically, their partners can save between 5% to 25% on key products, whilst also receiving a service that values provenance, is transparent and wholly-managed from end to end.

About the founders/CEO:

Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi is the Founder and CEO of Collectiv Food. With French and Italian heritage, it is not hard to see where his love of producers and good food comes from. After years fighting white-collar crime, Jeremy created Collectiv Food with the same objective to generate positive social change and improve how businesses work together. Through his contagious enthusiasm and unwavering guidance, Jeremy leads the Collectiv Food team with vision and purpose to improve an old-fashioned, inefficient and opaque supply chain.
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