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Dayuse.com is an innovative online hotel booking platform that successfully places hotels in touch with a wide range of modern consumers: travelers in search of a relaxing place to survive an extended layover, business professionals in need of an ideal environment for a temporary office, or anyone looking to spoil their spouse with a luxury “daycation”. 

By opening hotel doors to a new local clientele, Dayuse.com enables hoteliers to generate incremental revenue and improve their bottom line. The company is currently available in 24 countries with over 4,000 hotels across the globe and growing rapidly since January 2016 after raising €15 million in Series A Funding.

Today, Dayuse.com is considered a game changer in current hospitality challenges.

About the founders/CEO:

David Lebée is the co-founder & CEO of Dayuse.com.

David started his career in 2005 with the Accor group and Starwood Hotels and Resorts, where he quickly rose through the ranks. He then joined the Costes group as Sales and Marketing Director before moving on to become General Manager of the Hôtel Amour in 2008. His experience allowed him to spot a lucrative trend: hundreds of thousands of guests willing to pay hotels for the option of a daystay. This led to the launch of Dayuse.com, late 2010. 

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