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Djamo is addressing the lack of access to bank accounts in Francophone Africa, where fewer than 25% of adults have a bank account. To combat this, Djamo provides is providing simple and affordable e-banking for French-speaking Africans. It gives users access to a Visa card within 48 hours of creating an account without any monthly fees or overdraft charges.

Djamo’s services are available through its app, available on Android and IOS. Through the app, users can order the card, which can be blocked or unblocked remotely and comes with 3D Secure extra fraud protection. The product is already very popular, having onboarded over 500,000 customers as of November 2022 and with a 4.6-star rating.

Innovating at a rapid pace, the company has rolled out 3 additional services this year, all driving clear customer value: virtual accounts, automatic saving and a product to receive salaries, complementing the existing local and cross border payment offer available with the App and card.

About the founders/CEO:

Hassan Bourgi and Régis Bamba co-founded Djamo.

Hassan is the CEO. His professional experience spans across several sectors: he began his professional career at HSBC before working as a consultant for Think Great. Following this, he entered the startup ecosystem and never looked back, founding Busportal which was then acquired by redBus, before working with Régis at Djamo.

Régis is Head of Product & Engineering. After graduating from Townson University, he worked at MTN Côte d’Ivoire, rising the ranks to become Product Manager before co-founding Djamo in January 2020. This is not his first startup rodeo, as he also founded Code.ci in 2014.

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