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Drover is taking the frustration out of choosing, paying for, and owning a car. It is a London-based mobility-as-a-service platform providing flexible and all-inclusive car subscriptions. Drover's mission is to re-think car ownership altogether and create a new, access-oriented, flexible form of having a car, allowing users to change their car or cancel their reservation monthly: Drover achieves this by bridging the gap between on-demand car rental companies and long-term leasing.

Moving away from steep up-front payments, lengthy credit checks, and hours spent at the dealership, users can browse a selection of vehicles tailored to their location and budget, personalise their subscription based on preferred mileage, start their subscription online and have the choice of collecting their chosen car or to have it delivered to their door. Built on a marketplace model, Drover's fleet partners include rental companies, car dealerships, and OEM's; all of those partners are able to monetise their vehicles and streamline the management of bookings through a proprietary SAAS-fleet management system. Drover is a Munich Re Digital Partners (MRDP) partner company, and together they have developed an integrated insurance which covers bookings through its platform. 

About the founders/CEO:

Drover was co-founded by Felix Leuschner, CEO and Matt Varughese, CTO, in October 2015. 
Felix is a serial marketplace entrepreneur, he previously started venture-backed online gaming marketplace Gamegoods, and fashion e-commerce company Stylistpick. 
Matt, who began his career as a trader, returned to his childhood passion of coding as Drover's CTO.

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