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Easop is a B2B solution that helps US companies set up stock ownership plans (ESOP) for employees, contractors, and advisors across the world and manage these plans and grants easily. Setting up and managing the ESOP in your home country is already difficult enough and becomes a fiscal and legal nightmare as soon as you cross borders. 

Easop is fully integrated with existing cap table management solutions such as Carta, Pulley or Shareworks. It complements these platforms by generating ESOP documentation that is compliant with local laws for both US and international team members as well as providing information on reporting and tax obligations for companies and team members.  

Easop is the perfect addition to Employer of Records (EoR) services like Deel, Oyster or Remote, as it facilitates the ESOP management of the entire workforce, regardless of the work relationships between the company and the team members (regular employees, contractors or employees employed via an EoR).

About the founders/CEO:

Valentin Haarscher is the Co-founder & CEO of Easop. After receiving his Master’s degree from CentraleSupélec, he worked his way up the ladder at Bain & Company, before going to work at Lab Box, a startup studio focused on new mobility solutions. As part of his responsibilities in the studio, he was also Board Director at Poppy Mobility. He was most recently Head of Operations at Cycle App before co-founding Easop.  

Naël El Berkani is the Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer of Easop. A Cambridge postgraduate, he has extensive experience in the legal/financial sector as a business lawyer at Allen & Overy, before he transitioned to legal consultancy and co-founded Easop. 

Thierry Colsenet is the Co-founder and CTO of Easop. After graduating from CentraleSupélec, he experienced all possible technical positions at Theodo and Theodo UK, from software developer to architect and coach. He spent the last 3 years as Engineering Manager at Inato, helping bring digital to clinical trials, before joining Valentin and Naël.
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