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The Berlin-based company, Enter, supports residents with the research, planning, and financing of their energy renovation. In order to make energy renovation easier and accessible for homes, Enter offers specialized renovation packages that cover all phases from finance to installation. There are 75 employees working for the company.

Founded by Max Schroeren, Justus Menten and Alexander Müller in 2020, the company changed its name from baupal to Enter in the spring of 2023. With two services under their sleeve, Energy Consulting and Conveyor Service, they aim to reduce the energy savings cost of their customers by 72%.

About the founders/CEO:

Justus Menten is the Co-founder & Managing Director of Enter. Having graduated with a Master's degree in arts from the Berlin University of Arts, he spent most of his professional life working as a Project Architect and Project Manager in architectural companies. His professional experiences paved the way for him to found Enter, and since then, he has been one of the front-runners of the company.

Maximilian Schroeren is the Co-founder & Managing Director of Enter. Having completed his Master’s degree in finance from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, started his professional career as Business Development Manager at McMakler. He also held office C-level office in Linus Capital as an Investment Manager.

Alexander Müller is the COO of Enter. Just like Menten, he worked as an architect before joining him and Schroeren in founding the company. He holds a Master’s in architecture from ETH Zurich and has an abundance of experience in architecture.

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