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Gourmey is a Paris-based foodtech founded in 2019, which creates delicious and sustainable restaurant-grade meats from real animal cells. These products produce less climate emissions and consume significantly less land and water. Using a scalable technology platform, Gourmey is tackling the $300 billion poultry market with an initial focus on premium meats produced directly from duck, chicken or turkey cells. 

The company has developed a world-first as its flagship product: slaughter-free foie gras, followed by other sustainable poultry products. They always work to achieve taste parity with the conventional (meat) product.  

About the founders/CEO:

Nicolas Morin-Forest is CEO and Co-Founder. Well-rooted in environmental causes, Nicolas in an ex-copywriter for Greenpeace and Project Lead for an association for sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism. He then moved to L’Oreal, where he was an International Product Manager, before spending 3 years at Holidog (the digital brand for pet care services). He holds a BA in Political and Social Sciences and a Master’s in Marketing from Sciences Po.  

Antoine Davydoff is CSO and Co-Founder. Antoine has a strong background in cell culture; having worked at Aleph Farms where he worked on 3D co-culture systems in order to engineer vascularized skeletal muscle constructs using bovine cells. He also completed a thesis on the generation of 3D liver organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells! Antoine holds a BSc in Biology from Montpellier University, further study in Cell and Molecular Biology at Stockholm University, and a Master’s in Stem Cell Biology from the Sorbonne.   

Dr. Victor Sayous is CTO and Co-Founder. Victor holds a PhD in Synthetic Biology from CRNS during which he founded his first biotech startup. His work focuses on creating complex new-to-nature biosynthetic pathways of high-value compounds. He kickstarted his extensive research career by completing a doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Bordeaux. 

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