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Hoggo is the platform which optimises health insurance for companies and simplifies the management of their contracts, regardless of the insurer. Hoggo enables all companies to find the best price and the best guarantees for their health insurance contracts, on average, saving their clients 30%! Hoggo offers one independent, intergrated platform to simplify all administrative procedures related to onboarding, enrolment, and discharge of employees. Hoggo’s service is tailored to the size of the company: whether that be for companies with 100 employees, or for self-employed or independent workers, for whom Hoggo helps find the best policies and manages tax issues.

About the founders/CEO:

Anna Rossin is CEO and Co-Founder. With an interest in architecture and design, Anna holds a Master’s from ESTP Paris and a Master’s in Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris. In 2012, she co-founded The Faubourg, an online store for young up-and-coming French designers; before spending 3 ½ years at Kearny, as a Business Analyst and Associate. Anna co-founded Hoggo with Louis in 2018.

Louis Fourrier is CTO and Co-Founder. Louis has spent the past 8 years working in startup and Big Data. In 2013, he Co-Founded the Rebble, the web content development article exchange platform, and in 2016 became Business Intelligence Manager at DSO Interactive, before co-founding Hoggo in 2018. Louis boasts an array of technical experience in internal process optimization, operational forecasting & activity management. He is an Ecole Polytechnique graduate with a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University. 

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