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iskn is a consumer electronics company that develops and markets the slate for smart drawing. iskn is the leading pioneer in Augmented Interation thanks to its technology representing 24 international patents based on 60 years of deep tech R&D expertise in magnetometry at the world-renowned CEA LETI.

The company’s primary mission consists in enriching the experience and facilitate interaction with the digital world by bringing back emotion through the use of day-to-day physical objects. This has already come to life by turning any pencil into a digital one with the widely adopted Slate.

The Slate, in 2017, was upgraded with the release of the new Slate 2+, which embodies the promise of combining the pleasure of paper and pencil drawing with the magic of digital. Connected to your favorite devices, drawings will be instantly transcribed and enriched on the screen thanks to the Repaper Studio application.

The second innovation that the company created was the Repaper. iskn created a Repaper ring, a device which attaches to any pencil, no matter how used, and translates the drawings on paper to those on a screen. The Repaper itself is an intelligent digital surface. Equipped with True Multi-pixel Pressure Sensitivity technology, it will transcribe your pencil stroke on the screen with great faithfulness.

In 2022, iskn was acquired by Bic.

About the founders/CEO:

iskn was founded by three individuals: Tristan Hautson, Jean-Luc Vallejo and Timothee Jobert. The three men met in the open innovation laboratory of this world-renowned institute operating in the field of micro and nano-technologies.

Tristan worked at CEA as an Engineer, before founding ISKN in 2014. He is now CTO of the company.

Jean-Luc holds a Master's in Management from Grenoble Ecole de Management. His career began in 2000, when he worked as Chief Area Manager at Opsitech. 3 years later, he occupied the same position at LETI, before becoming Head of Labatory at CEA Tech.

Timothee graduated with a PhD from Universite Claude Bernard, and has occupiued many positions in his career, such as Research Professor and Associate Lecturer and User Center Design at both Minatec ideas Labatory and Movea. Timothee also worked at CEA, both in Usage & Foresight and Innovation & User Experience.

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