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Kantox is a multinational fintech company offering currency management automation solutions. They believe that the financial industry, known for its opacity and lack of innovation, needs a radical change. Kantox are redefining the industry, adopting more transparent, efficient and fairer models, bringing better value to clients. 

Over 5,100 clients in 72 countries have already exchanged more than USD $12.5 billion with Kantox. Their award-winning solutions help customers regain control of their currency exposure and effectively manage FX risk. Kantox provides its services to the travel, engineering, investments, fashion, e-commerce, and automotive industries amongst others. 

About the founders/CEO:

Philippe Gelis is Co-Founder and CEO. He leads Kantox's strategic vision and is a standard-bearer in the sphere of fintech. Specialising in finance and company strategy, before founding Kantox he was financial controller at Renault Switzerland and a consultant in strategy and operations at Deloitte. 

Toni Rami is Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer. Toni directs the daily operations at Kantox, including international business development. He holds MBAs from ESADE and Singapore Management University, majoring in corporate finance at the latter. Prior to Kantox, he was in venture capital in the biotechnology & tech sectors, and served as a strategy consultant at Deloitte. 

John Carbajal is Co-Founder and CTO. He is responsible for the fastest-growing team, the 'techies', whose work makes the fintech miracle possible. After some time at the R&D department at Intel and Hewlett Packard, this specialist in data protection betted on Kantox.
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