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Macrometa is a Global Data Network and Edge Computing Service. It helps developers add instant performance to their data driven web, mobile, IoT apps and APIs while cutting cloud database and server costs by 90%.

Macrometa enables you to keep hot data from your cloud database just a few milliseconds away from your end users and their devices. With just a few lines of code, you can turn any application into a globally distributed application. More over, Macrometa allows you to create APIs to expose your data by turning your database queries into functions (like AWS lambda) that run on the edge, serving data and requests instantly. Storing, processing and serving data from Macrometa's Global Data Network offloads expensive database operations from your cloud database. This means that you cut your AWS, GCP and MongoDB bills by a lot. 

They have a vision of an Internet experience where everything is instant. A world where you can express your ideas instantly as code, applications, APIs and more. A world where you can reach your customers everywhere instantly. Where nobody has to wait - for pages to load, for code to run, for messages to share, for life to work.

About the founders/CEO:

Macrometa was founded by Chetan Venkatesh and Durga Gokina.

Chetan is focused on distributed data infrastructure, edge computing and cloud software infrastructure. He has a strong competency in helping early stage teams find & exploit product-market fit, channel & distribution, flywheel sales models, raising stage appropriate capital, scaling startups from pre revenue to growth stage and profitability. 

Durga is a seasoned hands on technical leader with over 20 years of experience in Data Center, Virtual Storage, Cloud and Edge computing domains. His expertise lies in connecting vision to architecture, providing strategy and building high performance teams succeeding in the development of innovative and complex software. 

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