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At MADE.com they believe that great design is for everyone. It surprises, tells a story and makes the everyday a little less ordinary. At MADE they design for how people live today. “No champagne, no private view, just affordable high-end design at your fingertips.”

Working directly with independent designers and makers ensures that artists get their voice heard, and their work out there. Products are designed to last and not break the bank. The direct approach to working with their designers also means that there is no middle man, and the result of this? Fair prices and a great new piece. MADE also ensures that the factories that they work with are supervised closely, ensuring that workers are paid a fair wage for working fair hours, in a safe environment.

Unlike other large retail companies, MADE.com only produce stock in small batches, so they can encourage experimentation in their designs and discover more accurately their customer needs. And the way in which they only make stock once the customer has bought the product makes sure that there is never any extra-stock lying around, reflecting the companies responsible nature. In an effort to become even more responsible still, MADE are extending their hybrid trucks used for delivery across all major cities as soon as they can.

About the founders/CEO:

Ning Li first came up with the idea of MADE.COM when trying to kit out his own flat in Paris. Frustrated by the lack of inexpensive good quality furniture, he felt there had to be an alternative. Alongside his cofounders, Brent Hoberman, Julien Callède and Chloe Macintosh, he believes that the future of designer furniture is online and made-to-order. Hence the concept of MADE was realized: simplify things, work directly with the makers and bring high-end lifestyle design to everyone, everywhere at a fair price.

Philippe Chainieux, who joined Made.com to become chief operating officer in 2013, became CEO in January 2017 as Ning Li stepped down.

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