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Memfault's cloud-based firmware observability platform dramatically reduces engineering and support overhead by enabling teams to deploy OTA firmware updates, automatically capture and remotely debug issues, and continuously monitor fleets of connected devices at scale. Memfault’s SDK can be deployed on any connected device to capture data and send it to the cloud for analysis. Memfault’s backend identifies, classifies, and deduplicates error reports, so engineers know what issues are most prevalent, and where the issue occurs without requiring any action from end-users.

Memfault is solving the slow, inefficient, costly, and reactive processes that continued to plague firmware engineering teams. This passive process effectively relies on customers to be product testers as the first indication of a device issue often came through unhappy users contacting customer service. As IoT devices grow to the billions, traditional hardware monitoring and debugging methods can not keep pace with the increase of smart device adoption and the complexity of connectivity blocking teams from scaling their fleet of devices.

To improve the process, Memfault drew inspiration from web development best practices and built crash reporting, cloud-based software delivery, and performance monitoring infrastructure so they could move fast, even when managing device fleets in the millions. They built the first end-to-end observability platform for connected devices, allowing firmware engineers to be just as productive as software engineers.

About the founders/CEO:

François Baldassari, Tyler Hoffman, and Chris Coleman first conceived the idea of Memfault while working on the embedded software team at Pebble, Fitbit, and Oculus

François Baldassari is the Founder and CEO of Memfault. An embedded software engineer by trade, it was his powerful passion for tooling and automation in software engineering that drove him to start Memfault. Previous to Memfault, he ran the firmware team at Oculus and built the operating system at Pebble. François has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Brown.

Chris Coleman is Co-Founder and CTO of Memfault. Prior to Memfault, Chris was an embedded software engineer at Pebble and Fitbit where he led efforts across the firmware stack and developed a reputation for tracking down and fixing challenging firmware bugs. That coupled with his drive to efficiently deliver high-quality hardware products pushed him to start Memfault. Chris graduated with a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Brown University.

Tyler Hoffman is Co-Founder and leading Infrastructure at Memfault. Before Memfault, Tyler previously worked at Fitbit and Pebble as a firmware developer. As an embedded engineer with a software background, Tyler is passionate about improving the productivity of development teams, which drove him to create Memfault. Tyler has a BS in Computer Science from Purdue University.
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