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Monax is a contract lifecycle management platform which allows consumers to easily stay in full control of their business contracts. Harnessing a unique combination of active agreements, advanced document management technology, and blockchain technology, the platform is designed to move business legal obligations into the networked world.

Monax allows you to focus on what matters. With the digital era well and truly upon us, run your best business from anywhere in the world with digital contracts with Monax. Unify your contracts and documents in one place. Access it from anywhere and create new contracts in minutes, all stored in a secure, collaborative space.

With Monax, create contracts with ease, store everything in one place, master your contracts and gain autonomy!

About the founders/CEO:

Monax was founded in 2014 by Casey Kuhlman.

Casey is CEO of Monax. He is an ex-marine, lawyer and software engineer with experience in legal process management, smart contracts, and decentralized autonomous organizations. He graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School in 2008, and has since held positions in the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Public International Law and Policy Group, Watershed Legal Service, among others. He also co-founded Project Douglas, a complany focusing on DAO and distributed organization system design and the open source technologies underlying it.

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