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NGD Systems is the world’s first company to create a Computational Storage solution. NGD Systems is focused on bringing computation to data and in doing so, changing the economics and footprint requirements of real-time big data analytics. NGD’s advanced technology utilizes a patented architecture to provide a compute, capacity and scalability to storage. The patented In-Situ Processing technology provides IT departments the ability to achieve unparalleled big data analytics solutions.

About the founders/CEO:

Nader Salessi is the Founder and CEO of NGD Systems. A storage executive that has led teams to success over the last 30 years, his vast experience gave insights into how to create a paradigm shift in storage to solve the capacity, performance and compute gap being created today.

He teamed up with Vladimir Alves, who is also the CTO, and Richard Mataya, who is also Executive VP of Products. Together the three founded NGD Systems in 2013 to develop, create, and deliver a new storage platform that finally provides a solution to the data deluge of today’s Artificial Intelligence and Edge/Fog Computing problem. The executive team is rounded out by individuals from all aspects of the storage hierarchy.

The team as a whole has over an overwhole SSD product development experience of over 100 years and over their SSD careers have had 11 successful tape-outs, implemented over 50 product lines and shipped thousands of SKUs. They possess deep domain expertise in architecture, SoC implementation, firmware development, product design and validation for SSDs.  

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