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Contracts are hell! This is true throughout their entire life cycle: subscription, management, cancellation. Especially when moving.

At papernest it's easy! With it comes to moving, they have the solution. Cancellations, subscriptions, management of housing contracts are all a major source of anxiety, but not for much longer! Thanks to papernest's unique platform, all moving contracts (energy, internet box, insurance, mail redirection...) are centralized. And what's more, the service is 100% free!

papernest eliminates the stress of administrative phobias: a single form to fill out and everything is settled online for an insured, enlightened and connected home.

We all have better things to do than handle paperwork during a move. Thanks to a language understandable by all and a simple interface, they get rid of it.

About the founders/CEO:

papernest is a company founded by two friends, Benoit Fabre and Philippe de la Chevasnerie who were nearly forced to move out because they didn't take the time to subscribe to their insurance policy and energy contract. This is when they had the idea to build a company that would take care of all the administrative procedure for the user. 

Philippe de la Chevasnerie, CEO, is a graduate of Polytechnique et HEC. He previously worked at McKinsey and Goldman Sachs.

Benoit Fabre, CTO, graduated from SupElec and ESCP. Prior to Papernest, he was a consultant at Advancy.

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