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QuasarDB is an ultra-high-performance, cost-effective, solution for demanding timeseries data challenges. QuasarDB has been designed to pick up the slack where data warehousing fails: large scale, write-heavy, timeseries workloads in financial and manufacturing applications. QuasarDB takes the problem from the edge to the cloud, including domain-specific solutions. For example: order book management or signal pre-processing in predictive maintenance.

We believe a modern data infrastructure should deliver the impossible: low-latency queries on a huge dataset.

About the founders/CEO:

QuasarDB was founded by Edouard Alligand. Prior to founding QuasarDB, Edouard founded Bureau 14 in 2008, a company specializing in high-speed, low-latency data processing. Before this, he worked in various IT roles, including Senior Driver Developer for Utimaco Safeqare AG, Lead Security Engineer at Ministere de la Defense and Software Developer for Enginest. Edouard graduated from Universit√© Henri Poincar√© with a Masters' in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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