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Sendwave is an app that safely and instantly sends money from North America and Europe to numerous countries across Africa and Asia, for anything from family emergencies to buying a friend a beer. Over 400,000 people use Sendwave: in just a few short years, it has gone from a simple idea to becoming one of the world’s leading money senders in Africa.  

In February 2021, the acquisition of Sendwave by WorldRemit was announced. It was the largest tech M&A operation in Africa. 

About the founders/CEO:

Sendwave Founders, Drew Durbin and Lincoln Quirk met as hallmates freshman year at Brown University. They became friends over a shared love of building simple products that make a social impact. Sendwave was their first venture (acquired by WorldRemit in 2020). The founders then turned their attention to Wave with the mission to bring digital finance to everyone in Africa. 

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