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Shohoz, which means "easy" in Bangla, is the largest online platform for on-demand services in Bangladesh. Shohoz is a leading player in ride-sharing and food delivery; and the dominant market leader in e-ticketing services. 

Today - true to its name - Shohoz is making life easier by solving the logistics challenges in Bangladesh. However, the broader vision is to become a "Super App", or a one-stop solution for all essential consumer and business-centric services online. 

Shohoz is backed by international investors with a track record of investing in some of the most successful online businesses globally.

About the founders/CEO:

Shohoz was founded by Maliha Quadir. She is a Harvard Business School graduate, and a recipient of the ""Young Global Leader award (World Economic forum, 2007). Maliha brings significant global experience having worked in the US and in Singapore, holding various positions at Nokia, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered and Vistaprint.

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