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This all-encompassing shopping app powered by artificial intelligence is the only app shoppers will need to discover and buy the latest, trending products! The app, created by Soyaka AI, makes millions of looks on social media instantly shoppable from all online retailers.

Founded in Feburary of 2019, this Southeast Asian based company is firstly tailored for the Indonesian market, and harmoniously brings together the rich content and high engagement levels of social media with the convenience of eCommerce. From the initial stage of watching a video on social media, Shox AI technology personalizes generated content, allowing the user to see what they want to buy immediately, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Shox turns social media experience to ecommerce in seconds! The use of artificial intelligence means that there is a constant machine learning process that tailors its search suggestions and generated content just for you. And what's more, customers can purchase an entire look from multiple retailers with a single check out from the app!

About the founders/CEO:

Sonat Yalcinkaya is the founder and CEO of Soyaka AI, creator of Shox. Prior to Soyaka AI, Sonat was a global eCommerce professional with over 7 years of global experience, living and working in the EU, USA and China. Between 2015 and 2018, Sonay was the head of global ecommerce at Midea Group, and was also an Amazon key account manager for Philips.

Drawing on his extensive experience in ecommerce, he wrote a book called 3-Months Online Store: Build Enterprise Level Online Store Under 3-Months

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