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founders TradeDepot
TradeDepot is building the Engine of Retail Distribution in Africa, and has developed a 360° solution integrating actors in the trade value chain: manufacturers, distributors and retailers; this platform today has been deployed all over Nigeria in distributors’ warehouses.

Through TradeDepot’s platform small retailers can have a real time view of the prices and discounts available from every major brand, they can order those products which are then delivered to them as the order is routed to the appropriate nearby depot. During this whole process the manufacturer has visibility of its distribution and can leverage that to optimize its deliveries to distributors, improve its pricing and have a direct channel towards small retailers.

Consumer goods distribution in emerging countries with millions of small and informal retailers at the end of the supply chain has for a very long time been very poorly addressed by existing tech platforms. In Nigeria alone this $340bn market loses more than $4bn yearly due to a lack of visibility and the resultant wasteful logistics, making retailers in African countries subject to some of the highest product distribution costs globally. Our goal is to enable every neighbourhood store in Africa consistently get their supplies at the best possible prices; to be THE supply partner for Africa's retail outlets.

About the founders/CEO:

Onyekachi Izukanne, Michael Ukpong and Ruke Awaritefe have worked together on 3 startups over the last 15 years. They co-founded SocketWorks, an IFC-funded EdTech startup, and prior to TradeDepot, founded C2G Consulting - a technology consulting business - and grew it to become one of the leading SAP consulting houses in West Africa with over $40m earned in revenues. 

Michael and Kachi both have degrees in Electronic Engineering and a software development background, while Ruke has a degree in Economics & Statistics and a background in data science.

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