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ubble makes online identity verification stronger than a face-to-face check in real life, by using live video streaming and computer vision for both ID documents and facial recognition.

The system:
  • Eradicates the friction of online ID verification;
  • Detects document ID fraud better than in real life at the counter;
  • Provides security and GDPR compliance to your users'​ most sensitive data.
ubble uses video live streaming and AI in real time for both ID documents and facial recognition because it is the only way to interact and guide the user, detect ID document's movements, plasticity and holograms, while also assessing face liveness and face matching properly.

Companies from internationally renowned banks who are as of now open to mobility marketplaces are already working with ubble to verify their users'​ identity.

In 2022, payments startup Checkout.com announced it would acquire Ubble.

About the founders/CEO:

Francois Wyss is CEO of ubble. He previously built the partnership, sales, marketing and datascience at Databerries as a co-founder and COO. There he grew the revenue from €0 to 6M+ and launched the NYC office after a fundraising of 15M with Index. He previously worked at Google and ATKearney.

Juliette Delanoe is COO of ubble, she previously worked at Gemalto, where she led the diversification of Gemalto into the online identity verification space. She graduated from ESSEC in 2011 and started her career as a strategy consultant at ATKearney.

Nicolas Debernardy is CTO of ubble, he previously built the analytics and datascience team of Criteo, growing the team from 3 people pre-IPO to 50+ datascientists, developers and engineers. He graduated from CentraleSupelec in 2005 and started his career in strategy consulting.

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