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In their fight against heart disease, US2.ai, collaborating globally with clinical scientists, sonographers and deep learning experts, is revolutionizing the outdated manual process in which echocardiograms are drawn up, inspected and analyzed by doctors. With a possible variation rate of 20% between individual doctors looking at the same cardiogram, the current process lacks both efficiency and accuracy that is vital in determining the best course of action for a person with a possible heart defect. With so many doctors who are required to analyse the cardiograms, along with the extensive amount of time it takes for this process, costs for the patient are extremely high. eko.ai combats this cost, as well as a lack of efficiency and accuracy, by automating this process, using AI to accurately evaluate echocardiograms of the heart. Their mission, to ensure that everyone has access to a better life, is achieved by providing those who may not have had access to complex heart ultrasounds in the past, complete and total accessibility, without the high price-tag. US2.ai's promise is not only to provide less expensive and more mobile technology, but they also recognize the importance of complete and total safety when using their technology. That is why they have created a tool that is both non-invasive and emits no radiation, allowing it's user peace of mind.

Winner of the Parkway Pantai Innovation Challenge, 2019, also the Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit, 2019, (as well as winning top prizes at many other high caliber events), eko.ai is quickly becoming a front-runner in heart-disease detection and treatment technology, as well as in MedTech companies themselves.

About the founders/CEO:

Dr. Carolyn Lam is Principal Lead of Clinical Trials and Trial Networks at the National Heart Centre of Singapore & Director of the Women’s Heart Clinic at the National Heart Centre Singapore. She is also Professor of Cardiology at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. She is also  has been recognized worldwide for her outstanding work regarding heart failure, in particular that with preserved ejection fraction. In 2012, Dr. Lam was deservedly awarded the L'Oreal Women In Science Award, and is a current recipient of the NMRC Senior Investigator Clinician Scientist Award. 

James Hare impressively co-founded and led eDreams, an online travel agency that is one of Europe's largest e-commerce sites. He has maintained global Biz dev and marketing roles in varios major name companies, and has a particularly strong interest in technology, specifically machine learning, e-commerce and digital platforms. To learn more about James, click here.

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