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Founded in 2018, Wave is building a mobile money service that is easy-to-use and radically affordable.  

Despite early success of Mobile Money in Africa and its measurable impact on reducing poverty and increasing access, most Africans still lack access to affordable ways to save, transfer or borrow the money they need to build businesses or provide for their families. Wave is solving this problem by using technology to build a radically inclusive and extremely affordable financial network. Wave’s vision of a modern financial network is simple: no account fees, instantly available, and accepted everywhere!  

About the founders/CEO:

Drew Durbin (CEO) and Lincoln Quirk (Head of Product), met as hallmates freshman year at Brown University. They became friends over a shared love of building simple products that make a social impact. First, they built Sendwave, now the largest digital remittance company to Africa. Next, they turned their attention to Wave with the mission to bring digital finance to everyone in Africa. 

Coura Tine Sene is Regional Director at Wave. She has 20 years of experience inmanagement of IT and organizational projects, having previously worked in consultancy.

Sid Sridhar is Head of Business at Wave. He is based in London and is a former investment banker with experience at companies such as Uber and Google.

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