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Role Description

Job Brief

The 3D backend job is to load, clean, optimize and compress all uploaded data to be viewable in all device types with great accuracy and fidelity with respect to user data. You will help us to make it a breeze uploading models on Sketchfab and to improve data accessibility. Sometimes by extending our format/software support and sometimes by lowering the hardware or bandwidth requirements to display a scene.


  • Maintain and extend our 3D processing pipeline
  • Optimize processed data in terms of processing timings, rendering performance, bandwidth requirements
  • Help to improve our architecture and tooling to smooth our workflow
  • Support, listen and give feedback to our community


  • 2+ years of experience working with 3D data
  • Strong knowledge of C++ and not afraid of Python or JavaScript
  • Focused on shipping simple and robust code
  • Best practices advocate (coding, building/deployment tools, continuous integration, you name it...)
  • Self-organized and pragmatic
  • Comfortable on a Linux environment