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Site built by UNOMENA

Company description

Freachly wants to change the world of millions of local businesses by providing them access to authentic and impactful influencer marketing at very low costs! Through the Freachly application businesses can offer special deals to influencers that self-select into these deals according to their preferences. After usage of the deals, influencers post about their experience at Freachly partners in their social media platforms. Postings generate authentic marketing content for our Freachly partners - They win new customers and extra attention for their brand. Freachly analyses the social media appearance of the influencers subsequent to the exclusive invite to join the Freachly platform. This analysis furthermore helps Freachly to match influencers to businesses that fit their preferences and vice versa. We create win-win situations for businesses and influencers.

Role Description

Job Challenge

We are looking for a Backend Developer (f/m) who loves to work with newest technologies in a team with high ambition. Not only the working atmosphere but also the story behind the company will make you feel to be on the right spot as a developer!

Job Brief

You will support the growth of our company by taking on various tasks and developing the product in collaboration with the application development team, frontend team and the management. Be part of a highly motivated and talented team with a steep learning curve assured.


- Providing input for new tools and techniques.

- Expansion/further development of the mobile backend for the app and the web tools.

- Co-designing the development processes in an agile environment.

- Support for technological decisions from day one.


- Successfully completed degree in computer science or comparable IT education with professional experiences as backend developer.

- Experiences with NodeJS and MongoDB.

- In-depth knowledge of API's, architectures and databases.