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Site built by UNOMENA

Company description

ApolloShield builds anti-drone systems: electronic systems that detect, identify, locate, and deny unauthorized drones flying into and over sensitive sites like stadiums, prisons, public events, VIP houses, and more.

Role Description

Job Brief

As our DSP Software Engineer / Software Defined Radio Developer, you will have a core position in our DSP team, implementing algorithms developed by the team. The scope of the algorithms is RF signal analysis - methods and techniques (clock sync, pattern matching, phase and frequency offsets, handling noise, error corrections, and more). The software is expected to be real-time and performance-critical, processing up to 10 GB/s of data on a desktop computer.


Implementing real-time, performance-critical DSP applications based on SDR technology, in C++ and Python, over an Intel-based Linux host.


•             Expert of real-time programming in C/C++, in multi-threaded, performance-critical environments

•             Experience with developing production systems, including debugging, profiling, optimizing, prototyping, interface implementation, system design, and architecture

•             Experience with implementation of DSP algorithms, such as burst detection, CFO, pattern matching, clock sync, frequency hopping, and direction finding

•             Knowledge of Linux programming

•             Knowledge of RF communication protocols, like PSK, QAM, FHSS, OFDM, DSSS, and GFSK

•             Python programming




•             Experience with FPGA programming

•             Experience with modem development

•             Basic knowledge of system engineering and RF components, e.g., LNA, antennas, couplers, dividers, and filters

•             Experience with commercial SDR platforms - software and hardware

•             Experience with blind RF signal analysis

•             Experience with electronic warfare and RF hacking methods