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Role Description

Job Brief

As our DSP Software Engineer / Software Defined Radio Developer, you will have a core position in our DSP team, implementing algorithms developed by the team. The scope of the algorithms is RF signal analysis - methods and techniques (clock sync, pattern matching, phase and frequency offsets, handling noise, error corrections, and more). The software is expected to be real-time and performance-critical, processing up to 10 GB/s of data on a desktop computer.


Implementing real-time, performance-critical DSP applications based on SDR technology, in C++ and Python, over an Intel-based Linux host.


•             Expert of real-time programming in C/C++, in multi-threaded, performance-critical environments

•             Experience with developing production systems, including debugging, profiling, optimizing, prototyping, interface implementation, system design, and architecture

•             Experience with implementation of DSP algorithms, such as burst detection, CFO, pattern matching, clock sync, frequency hopping, and direction finding

•             Knowledge of Linux programming

•             Knowledge of RF communication protocols, like PSK, QAM, FHSS, OFDM, DSSS, and GFSK

•             Python programming




•             Experience with FPGA programming

•             Experience with modem development

•             Basic knowledge of system engineering and RF components, e.g., LNA, antennas, couplers, dividers, and filters

•             Experience with commercial SDR platforms - software and hardware

•             Experience with blind RF signal analysis

•             Experience with electronic warfare and RF hacking methods