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Site built by UNOMENA

Company description

Quasardb wants to be the reference database for numerical time series

Role Description

Job Brief

You will lead our team of software engineers and report directly to the CEO. The team is a garden. Your role is to make sure every flower in the garden blossoms. This way, the team will deliver the best product possible. You will also contribute to the effort by writing code! The company is growing quickly, offering virtually unlimited opportunities for the right individuals.

Your Profile

Pragmatic, you understand the needs of the business without compromising the long term quality of the product.Passionate, you love software engineering and will gladly brainstorm with the team to find technical solutions.An accomplished technical expert, you can back up your decisions by a solid track record of technical successes.A great listener, you are able to navigate through the inevitable personal issues a team faces.


  • Legal permission to work in Paris
  • English (B1 or more)
  • Previous management experience
  • Outstanding software engineering skills
  • Extremely solid computer science background
  • C++ 17 fluency.