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Company description

dahmakan (Y Combinator S17) uses artificial intelligence in logistics and cooking automation to make food delivery affordable for the 500m people middle class in Southeast Asia.

Role Description

Job Brief

You’ll come with a track record of building teams and processes, starting and launching projects, testing and iteration of marketing campaigns with a keen eye for continuous optimization, ideally with experience in strategic projects in a customer-centric startup and working cross-functionally and internationally across a fast-growing business.


● Build out and directly lead the Bangkok marketing team to create a strategy and execute marketing campaigns across multiple online and offline channels

● Work closely with the HQ and Regional Head of Departments to lead, create and implement marketing and product projects

● Motivate and leverage existing and new staff to continually up-level their results, expectations, and stretch for increasingly higher levels of impact across all core marketing metrics

● Apply your knowledge of the Thai market to build and manage partnerships

● Develop, implement and measure effectiveness of campaigns down to CAC, retention rates and CLTV and continuously tweak and optimize existing campaigns

● Drive hypothesis and constantly work on the biggest leverages using a combination of data driven and business acumen approach


● 4+ years of deep, hands-on management of marketing functions with experience in

project management, strategy and execution, performance marketing, partnerships and

other channels.

● Structured business judgement and critical thinking skills with the ability to use data to

quickly establish highest value priorities and develop a strategy to pursue them

● Quantitative data analysis, deep actionable insights, modeling, and advanced test plan

design and analysis experience. Run experiments in an organised way.

● High energy and motivational leadership driven by personal influence and example with

direct staff, peers, and senior leaders across all company functions

● Experience working closely and communicating effectively with internal stakeholders in

an ever-changing, rapid growth environment with tight deadlines

● Sense of urgency and drive to win