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Company description

Acorus Networks headquartered in France is an innovative startup company specialized in Denial of Service protection. Acorus Networks operates its own network and offers a cloud-based protection service with several scrubbing centers around the world in order to detect and mitigate cyber-attacks against networks and websites.

Role Description

Job Brief

This role is a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to gain insight into the internet and cyber-security industry, while also gaining practical experience in office management. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone.


You will be required to:

• Be the general point of contact for office operations, events, and office culture

• Manage and co-ordinate the team’s travel and calendars, logistics and organization

• Oversee general office communications and announcements

• Manage mail and deliveries

• Assist and manage employees’ expenses, restaurant tickets, IT fails or replacements

• Maintain and manage office budget: be in charge of monitoring and replenishment of stocks, be it office supplies or food, beverage orders (and why not make us discover new things!)

• Carry out health and safety audits

• Participate in the recruitment and integration of new employees and their onboarding into our organization


All admin staff must have the following prerequisites:

• Strong people skills and initiative

• A can do and will do attitude, willing to go the extra mile!

• Strong communication skills and empathy

• Willing to put in the hours that are needed, not a nine-to-five mindset

• Self-motivated and can work well under pressure

• Enthusiastic about our industry and willing to understand our business, in time

• Fluent French and professional level English speaking


The position requires the following skills:

• 2+ years in a similar role managing office operations and logistics

• Must be deadline focused, organized and able to prioritize multiple tasks

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint

• Support a friendly and enthusiastic ”Team of Geeks”


Nice to have:

• Experience in a startup environment

• Knowledge in business accounting

• Familiar with teleconferencing with remote working employees

• Interest for High tech



• Salary: between 25k€ and 30k€

• Restaurant tickets

• Good insurance cover

• Relaxed and friendly culture


Location: Nanterre


We do not need someone with 2 PhD’s. We are looking for someone with commonsense, enthusiasm and who is passionate about this job. Someone who is also interested in trying to understand what we do. We will evaluate each candidate on their real skills (technical and social).