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Role Description

Job Challenge

Technical Consultant at Akeneo

Job Brief

  • Join Akeneo’s Professional Services team to assist our clients and partners in configuring and implementing our tool.
  • Develop and maintain tools and bundles that add value and facilitate the integration of the Akeneo solution (technologies: Symfony2, Doctrine, MongoDB, etc.)
  • Train our partners and clients on the technical aspects around implementing Akeneo, and its development




  • Regardless of your actual training, you have significant experience (5 years minimum) in the implementation of large-scale web projects.
  • Symfony3 no longer holds any secrets for you, and if, by any chance, you happen to also know Backbone and NoSQL databases well, we will only like you more for it!
  • You value both quality deliverables and quality relationships with your clients and partners.
  • At heart, you are very much an enterprise information systems architect. You understand the meaning and the function of the field’s slew of acronyms (LDAP, ERP, ETL, ESB, PIM, etc.). You like to travel and are not afraid of going off to run trainings all over the world (from the U.S. to Australia via northern Europe and northern France!)
  • You speak perfect English and ideally also another language (French, German or Spanish).