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Lifen creates a platform for monitoring patients with COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is threatening even the most well-equipped of hospitals, Lifen, over just 3 days, has created a remote monitoring platform for patients showing symptoms of the virus.

Hospitals are in danger of reaching their capacity very soon, due to the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading, and the mass panic that has ensued due to the illness. With max capacity comes a saturation of resources and a lack of staff to care for those with the virus. Therefore, Lifen's solution is to leverage digital technologies to remotely monitor home-bound patients, to hospitalize only those patients with severe symptoms who are most at need of urgent care.

The solution can be broken down into 4 parts, which explain exactly how the home monitoring system will operate, from the moment the patient shows symptoms to how they are monitored at their home. Firstly, a monitoring team, made up of health professionals, is brought to a specific hospital, in which they will monitor remotely their respective patients in real time. Secondly, the team creates a patient follow-up through a platform, and creates a set of questions to define the patient's identity and state of health. The patient can then fill in this questionnaire as much as they feel necessary, over a period of time, and with each new answer the database becomes updated in real time, therefore allowing the patient to be positioned into one of four predefined categories.

To manage patients, the monitory team has access to dashboards where they can view their patients and their symptoms, examine a particular patient and as such decide on the best course of action, and obtain an overview of the platform based on a group of patients. 

If you would like to know more, click here or watch the Youtube video.

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