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Madkudu builds momentum with new intelligence offering and new funding!

Depiste working from home, the MadKudu team who has been very busy in the pas months recently, and has announced several developments. Madkudu provides a predictive analytics and intelligence solution that enables B2B Marketers to develop and deliver a fully value-based and customized buyer experience at scale.

Today they announced :
▶ a Series A funding round led by Benhamou Global Ventures with participation from Alven and us! 👏
▶ the launch of a new product functionality: MadKudu Insights, an intelligence layer that provides actionable insights to marketing teams, helping them make critical decisions on budget allocation, channel performance and others. ✅

These two pieces of news are just piling up on top of all the others:
▶ they have a growing Board of Directors & new Advisory Board Members;
▶ they have been named Leader in G2 Grids;
▶ they have launched a brand new website.

Congratulations to the co-founders: Sam Levan, Francis Brero, Paul Cothenet, as well as to the entire team!

To learn more, read the press release or the note written Sam Levan, Madkudu's CEO.

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