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Partech newsletter: $48 Million raised and always more innovation

We find ourselves half way through the year 2020, and already so much to reflect upon. Throughout all the challenges, we might still find cause for celebration for the solidarity we have shown in overcoming a powerful virus through the ways that we as a community have stood together to show our support and help the emergency workers as best as we could.
We must remember this fellowship as we rise together to face other global issues, by continuing to support our friends, colleagues and neighbors throughout the world as even more change is needed to transform these darker times into opportunities for growth, learning, and equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, age, color or background.

One of the current ways to help that we would like to highlight today is the ability to help refugees through access to education and technology. Your business can contribute and make a difference to the lives and families of Syrian refugees & vulnerable Jordanians by recruiting trained web developers for a remote internship, as organized by the Chams NGO.

Our portfolio companies stand for a better world for all, and their new initiatives and funding rounds help to facilitate their journey to helping the world experience a brighter future, and so we are pleased to share their news with you.
Now, let's get you in the know!
The Partech Team 


$48.9 Million Raised by our Portfolio Champions

Beam: $26M
Beam has raised $26 Million to expand its footprint in Korea, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Taiwan. Sequoia India and Hana Ventures led the round, with participation from RTP Global, AppWorks, Right Click, Cherubic and RedBadge Pacific. Read more.

Blink: $8.3M
Blink, a new smart employee platform, officially launched this month. The company also raised $8.3 Million in capital, led by Partech, alongside a roster of high profile Angel Investors. Read more.

Ambler: $6.8M
Ambler has raised $6.8 Million with Bpifrance via the Digital Venture division, Idinvest Partners, Partech and Kima Ventures to accelerate the development of its platform for connecting healthcare transporters and institutions. Read more.

Pennylane: $4.5M
Pennylane raised $4.5 Million from Global Founders Capital, Partech and Kima Ventures. The funds will be used to develop its platform in order to simplify admin, accounting and piloting and expand its teams of experts. Read more.

Following the announcement of a technological partnership with Lenovo at CES 2020, Energysquare is now receiving support from Partech to accelerate the deployment of its solution among electronics manufacturers. Read more.

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