Seatti announces €3 Million Seed Round led by Acton Capital and Partech to unlock the long-term potential of hybrid work

Seatti announces €3 Million Seed Round led by Acton Capital and Partech to unlock the long-term potential of hybrid work

July 4th, 2022

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The startup enabling international companies to establish hybrid work has raised €3 million from leading European investors. With the new funding, Seatti aims to increase its enterprise client base more than tenfold and expand the feature set of its hybrid work enablement software.

Seatti is Europe’s fastest growing SaaS platform for hybrid workforces and shared workspace management.

• Over 90% of international companies plan to or have already implemented a hybrid working model. 

• Seatti makes hybrid work truly work. The SaaS solution lets employees book flexible workspaces in corporate offices, plan their remote working locations and share where they plan to work with colleagues.

• With its solution, Seatti is tackling a brand new and rapidly growing market currently worth over €30 billion.

• Since going live in May 2021, Seatti has already welcomed some of Germany’s largest corporations to its client base, including Osram, Sixt, Sartorius, Mazars or FlixBus.

• The funding round is led by Munich-based Acton Capital and Paris-based Partech with previous investors Peak and HPI Seed Fund also reinvesting.

Munich, Germany, 4th of July, 2022 – Seatti announces the closure of its €3 million Seed round led by the international investors Acton Capital (Munich / Vancouver) and Partech (Paris / San Francisco). The round is also joined by Seatti’s pre-seed investors Peak (Amsterdam) and HPI Seed Fund (Berlin). The remote-first startup plans to use the new funding to more than triple its team, expand core functionalities of its hybrid work management tool and address the high demand from enterprise clients. Doing so, Seatti expects to triple its revenues in both 2022 and 2023.

Founded in April 2021, Seatti’s mission is to maximize the benefits and minimize the complexity of hybrid work for both companies and their employees. In 2022, Seatti has grown over 30% per month, becoming Europe’s fastest growing SaaS platform for hybrid workforces and shared workspace management.

While it has become clear that hybrid work improves productivity and employee well-being, the flexible working model still brings about new challenges, such as an inefficient use of office space, less in-person collaboration between colleagues and regulatory compliance concerns .

“The vast majority of enterprises have implemented a hybrid working model at an unprecedented speed enforced by the pandemic” explains Christopher Bier, Co-Founder of Seatti. “Such a significant change to the way we work would have taken years, if not decades, in a covid-free world. Due to this abrupt paradigm shift, companies must now quickly address newly arising challenges brought about by hybrid work. Our research shows that 160 billion euros are wasted on underused office space annually, in-person meetups between colleagues have dropped by over 30% and 68% of organizations are not yet fully compliant with regulatory and internal policy requirements.”

Seatti solves these challenges by enabling more personal meetups between colleagues while ensuring a more efficient use of office space as well as full compliance with regulatory requirements related to hybrid work.

With Seatti, employees can book shared desks, meeting rooms and parking lots in corporate offices while also planning and sharing their hybrid work locations. Doing so, users are sure to find the ideal workspace based on their tasks for the day and the whereabouts of their favorite colleagues. In parallel, companies can analyse and integrate the booking data in a fully GDPR compliant manner to improve their office spaces, hybrid work policies and regulatory compliance. Throughout its software, Seatti lays a particularly strong focus on deep integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, including MS-Teams, Azure Active Directory, Outlook and Exchange.

Seatti already has several DAX companies in its client portfolio and its software is being used in offices across Europe as well as North America. The vision of the startup is to become the central operating system for hybrid workers to conduct planning, admin and collaboration tasks.

International growth investors join the ride 

“We’re thrilled to welcome Acton Capital and Partech to our journey as well as have Peak and HPI Seed Fund double down on their commitments! Not only do the new and existing investors provide an excellent international network for Seatti’s geographic expansion but as later stage funds they also have ability to support Seatti all the way until an IPO” says Christopher Bieri, Co-Founder and CEO of Seatti.  

Recent studies show, most employees prefer a hybrid work arrangement. 9 out of 10 organizations will be combining remote and on-site working in the future.  “Hybrid work is here to stay. What began as a sudden shift two years ago, will be a key differentiator for employers in the fight for talent across industries. Especially large organizations are now in an urgent need for an agile solution to manage their fast-growing hybrid workforce. Thanks to its easy integration, intuitive use and fully compliance to all regulatory requirements, Seatti’s SaaS platform has convinced enterprise clients and employees alike,” explains Sebastian Wossagk, managing partner at Acton Capital. “We’ve been impressed with what the team has accomplished within this short timeframe since launch. They’ve got the potential to make Seatti a key player in shaping this new market.”
As most economic players are navigating uncertain times now more than ever, small and large companies alike will have to adapt to the new normal of hybrid work, doing more with less, and optimizing  the use of their resources. “We have been instantly convinced by the passion and energy of Chris, Johannes and Moritz and we are determined to support them in making Seatti a company that will permanently change the way employees of all generations can deliver more value together.” added Romain Lavault, General Partner of Partech. “Adoption by some of the most well-known companies only a few months after launching and the rave reviews of their users shows that this is already well underway!”.

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About Seatti

Seatti was founded in Munich in 2021 by Christopher Bieri, Moritz Hartmann and Johannes Eppler with the mission to maximize the benefits and minimize the complexity of hybrid work for both, companies and their employees. With Seatti’s hybrid workforce and shared workspace management software, employees can book shared desks, rooms and parking lots in corporate offices as well as plan their remote working locations. Seatti employs this hybrid work location data to facilitate more personal meetups between colleagues, identify real estate cost saving opportunities and ensure clients’ full compliance with tax, insurance and labor laws.
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