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Lifen raises €20M to enable the digital transformation of medical communication

  • Lifen raises €20M in a round led by Partech, with Idinvest Partners and Mayjcc eSanté Invest taking part. Historical investors Serena and Daphni also participated in the raise. 
  • With the new funding, Lifen will accelerate the deployment of its medical communication solution in all public and private institutions as well as independent practitioners.

Integrating medical coordination into the digital age
Coordination between healthcare professionals remains a major problem in France’s healthcare ecosystem, leading to redundant or unnecessary acts and impacting medical time. With this is in mind, Lifen aims to create digital solutions that facilitate the transmission and consultation of medical data in complete security. This vision aligns with the effort of professionals to digitally transform healthcare as initiated by the French governmental programme Ma Santé 2020. This transformation notably includes the deployment of MSSanté (a messaging solution for practitioners launched by ASIP Santé). Lifen actively participates and represents more than 50% of medical report exchanges in 5 different French regions. 

The dysfunctions in medical coordination concern all healthcare professionals. For this reason, Lifen has created solutions for both healthcare institutions and private practitioners.
For these establishments, the main issue is ensuring consistency in every stage of medical care by improving ambulatory-hospital communication. Many projects are being launched within institutions, but the results are not always there because of the lack of interoperability and slow implementation.

To solve this problem, Lifen has created a solution for sending interoperable medical reports with 100% EMR (Electronic Medical Records). Its installation takes only a few days and allows for immediate results to be obtained. This led to all trial institutions generalizing the solution. The benefit for the establishments is that they are able to reduce their postal budget by a factor of 3 and save one hour of daily treatment time per medical secretary. 

“Lifen’s solution is designed to help all healthcare establishments in their digital transformation. We are pleased to support major establishments in the healthcare ecosystem like the Strasbourg University Hospital, the University Hospital of Angers and even the Ramsay General Health Group. In 2019, we estimate that more than 3 million euros will be saved by establishments that use Lifen. For private practitioners, a universal medical communication solution has been developed. The time saved thanks to its use will represent the equivalent of 300,000 consultations in 2019” explains Franck Le Ouay, Lifen’s CEO. 

The goal of this raise is to accelerate the deployment of these solutions by healthcare professionals and to double the size of its team, particularly in terms of developer, operations and sales profiles. 

“The digitalization of healthcare establishments and medical practices are among Partech’s major investment themes. We decided to invest in Lifen because it is the cornerstone of medical data communication, both in terms of safety and simplicity and efficiency of use” explains Jean-Marc Patouillaud, Managing Partner at Partech.

The security of healthcare data is at the heart of Lifen’s solutions
To allow an efficient and secure transformation of medical communication, Lifen has always placed security and data protection at the heart of its solutions. Lifen ensures security in accordance with the most demanding international standards and goes even further by raising its security standards above the requirements of the law. The dual authentication factor, encryptions during transport and storage as well as compliance with HDS and ISO 27001 standards are among the elements that have been put in place to ensure optimal security. More specifically, Lifen does not have access to healthcare data and ensures that the people who can receive and access this sensitive information are healthcare professionals authorized to do so. 

Better medical coordination to ensure coherence in every stage of medical care.
In the context of medical desertification, access to healthcare is increasing complex. Additionally, 25% of healthcare expenditure is caused by unnecessary or redundant actions every year. This could be avoided by improving coordination between healthcare professionals. “This fundraising will enable Lifen to accelerate the development of new functionalities as desired by actors in the healthcare industry, such as simplifying the filing of electronic health records and the traceability of all stages of care between ambulatory care and hospitals. The objective is to offer institutions and practitioners simple, efficient and secure coordination for their patients” says Amélie Faure, Operating Partner at Serena.

About Lifen:
Lifen is a medical communication platform allowing healthcare establishments and private practitioners to securely exchange medical data. By simplifying and securing medical communication, Lifen allows healthcare professionals to free up time for their patients. Created in 2015 by Franck Le Ouay, Philippe Douste-Blazy, Alexandre Huckert and Etienne Depaulis, the company has 70 employees and has shared more than 2 million medical documents per year with over 70,000 practitioners. 

Their website: lifen.fr

For media inquiries: 
Guillaume Laguette    +33 7 51 67 46 00         Guillaume.laguette@lifen.fr

About Partech
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