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NA-KD invests in circularity and launches a fully integrated marketplace, NA-KD Circle, to prolong the lifespan of their clothes

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - Today, fashion e-commerce player NA-KD announces the launch of its marketplace for pre-owned fashion: NA-KD Circle. Fully integrated on NA-KD.com, the brand believes that the simplicity of the user experience, for both sellers and buyers, will contribute to more sustainable consumption behaviours amongst its customers. This multi-million Euro investment is NA-KD’s biggest sustainability initiative to date and demonstrates its dedication to a circular economy.

In February, NA-KD released its new brand commitments with an ambitious suite of sustainability goals. Devoted to protecting the planet for future generations, NA-KD vows to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030, compared to the 2020 levels, and to ensure that 100% of its products are made from more sustainable materials by 2025. Having already launched free climate compensated shipping and returns, as well as producing more than 60% of its new items in more sustainable materials, NA-KD is now taking another important step in its continued sustainability journey.

As a large portion of fashion’s resource usage is attributed to production, it is important to increase the number of times clothes are being worn. This is also one of the easiest ways for customers to reduce their fashion climate footprint. According to studies from Mistra Future Fashion, doubling the times a garment is worn has the potential to lower its climate footprint by up to 50%1. Therefore,
NA-KD is excited to launch its fully integrated marketplace, NA-KD Circle, where customers can buy and sell pre-owned NA-KD fashion to each other - just as easy as shopping new items.

Anna Winde, Head of CSR, comments:
“At NA-KD we take climate action seriously. As a growing company we know we have to move towards circular business models to reach our bold reductions targets. Enabling our customers to prolong the lifetime of their NA-KD garments by easily selling and buying pre-loved items is key in this endeavour. We truly hope that our customers want to join us on this journey of making the fashion industry more sustainable and circular together and that we can inspire other brands to do the

The development of NA-KD Circle is rooted in NA-KD’s customer-centric ethos. Believing that ease of use will increase the likelihood of customers using the service, the brand has created a solution that is fully integrated on NA-KD.com. This makes the purchase journey equal to the one of buying regular items from the brand. In fact, customers can buy both new and second hand items in the same order.
NA-KD Circle also brings a frictionless process for sellers. The brand has worked hard to remove all barriers typically associated with peer-to-peer marketplaces. First, NA-KD has eliminated all contact between buyers and sellers. Instead, the brand acts as a middle hand that can guarantee safe payments and integrity protection. Second, offering a fully integrated solution means that sellers do not have to set prices, write product descriptions or take photographs. They just sign in to their accounts, select which items they wish to sell, switch a toggle and ship the product for free. In return, they will be paid in store credit. Summarised, NA-KD Circle is one of the easiest resell solutions available on the market.

Bjorn Bergstrom, Chief Growth Officer and responsible for NA-KD Circle, comments:
“At NA-KD, we always strive to bring affordable, sustainable fashion to our customers. The launch of this integrated marketplace is a perfect example of how we do that in an innovative way. NA-KD continues to raise the bar in the online fashion industry by developing and launching in-demand
services, leveraging the latest technology.”
NA-KD has partnered with Ingrid.com for technical logistics concerning NA-KD Circle. 

1 Minstra Future Fashion, 2019, The Impact of Swedish Clothing Consumption (http://mistrafuturefashion.com/impact-of-swedish-clothing-consumption/)

2 ThreadUp, 2020, 2020 Fashion Resale Market and Trend Report (https://www.thredup.com/resale/#resale-growth).

For more information, contact:
Sanja Tegeltija PR Director
+46 70 926 20 14

Bjorn Bergstrom 
Chief Growth Officer 
+46 72 250 27 56


About NA-KD.com
Swedish NA-KD launched in January 2016 with a goal to deliver the latest trends at affordable prices. With a close connection to the biggest influencers in Europe, NA-KD has quickly established itself as a leading fashion player for Millennials and Gen Z. Currently, NA-KD has over 8 million monthly visitors to na-kd.com and 4 million followers on social media – making it one of the fastest growing brands in the world. Being truly global, NA-KD delivers the latest trends to customers in more than 100 countries every month and is represented by over 600 retailers worldwide.

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