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Today’s battery applications, including all-electric vehicles and other next-generation technology, are limited by the energy density potential of current graphite lithium-ion batteries and the cost to improve and bring that energy density to scale. Founded in 2016, and a 2017 graduate of Y Combinator, ADVANO is a New Orleans-based company delivering a sustainable, scalable solution for lithium-ion batteries with higher energy density.

ADVANO’s REALSi™ silicon anode technology unlocks between 20-40% more energy density in today’s Lithium-ion batteries. Increased energy storage, enabled through REALSi, has the potential to transform the American battery industry and secure a sustainable future for important markets. With higher energy density, electric vehicles can drive further, phones can last longer, and the US can enable the electrification of everything. ADVANO is on track to meet the demand and align with the unique requirements of blue-chip battery manufacturers and tier-one consumer electronics and automotive companies around the world.

About the founders/CEO:

Shiva Adireddy, Ph.D., MBA, is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ADVANO.

Growing up in India, Dr. Shiva Adireddy experienced firsthand the impact pollution can have on a community from the extensive burning of fossil fuels. After immigrating to the US to study nanomaterials, Shiva has dedicated the last 15 years to designing high-performance materials to accelerate the energy transition. In 2016, Dr. Adireddy co-founded ADVANO, a next-generation battery materials company based in New Orleans, LA.

Today, ADVANO is a team of over 30 experts in battery materials and manufacturing working to strengthen the domestic battery supply chain through commercializing high-performance, energy-dense materials. ADVANO's REALSi™ anode technology will unlock 20-40% more energy storage in today's lithium-ion batteries, supporting the clean energy transition.

Dr. Adireddy holds a Ph.D. in Nanomaterials Design and Fabrication from the University of New Orleans and an MBA from Tulane University's Freeman School of Business. Over the last 15 years, he has compiled an impressive track record in battery technology development. His expertise in the technical and business aspects of nanotechnology is testified to by his authorship of articles in more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and the registration of twenty patents. 

To date, ADVANO has raised $43M and signed two joint development agreements to advance the commercialization of REALSi in EV and consumer electronic markets. As chief executive officer, Dr. Adireddy continues to guide product development to support the American Manufacturing Renaissance by manufacturing battery components at a terawatt scale.

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