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Alan is the first digital health insurance company in France, with the ambition to revolutionize health insurance by focusing heavily on improving user experience while providing an excellent price-quality ratio health plan.

Simplicity of service joint with a passionate team who are driven by their love of alan is what sets this health insurance company apart. All forms of tracking, including that of quotes, invoices and reimbursement can be done on the app, making life easier and more convenient for the user. With Alan Map, accessed through the app or online, the user is invited to discover their nearest doctor's surgery, and are told when it opens to rid the user of any unnecessary time wasted. Better yet, alan will allow you to talk to a doctor via your telephone wherever you want, whenever you want, furthering their digitalization of the process.

What's more, discover alternative forms of self-care with alan, as they include in their price practices that ensure their user has a healthy mind, as well as a healthy body. Headspace and Petit Bambou are included in the health coverage.

Alan is the first new insurance licensed in France since 1986 by the French Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACPR). 

About the founders/CEO:

Jean-Charles Samuelian is co-founder & CEO of alan. He strives to reshape health insurance towards a simple and satisfying user experience. Prior to alan, Jean-Charles cofounded Expliseat. Expliseat revolutionized aircraft seating for economy class through new technologies, and generated massive fuel and CO2 savings to airlines.

Charles Gorintin is co-founder & CTO of alan. He uses data to improve people's lives at large scale. Charles formerly worked at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but has now turned his focus to health, insurance, and user experience.

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