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almentor was established in 2016 by a team of entrepreneurship and business experts who combined their expertise and unified their efforts to become pioneers in the learning industry. The platform aims to develop Arab learners and provide them with the necessary skills to advance their professional careers and personal lives. 

In cooperation with hundreds of leaders, educators, and experts, the platform offers courses and talks (in Arabic and English) in various fields, such as: HR, management, lifestyle, drama, sports, business, corporate communication, and digital media. As of May 2021, Almentor boasts over 1 million registered learners and 12 thousand high quality videos. With offices in Dubai, Cairo & Saudi Arabia, the video content is developed in-house. 

About the founders/CEO:

Dr. Ihab Fikry is Co-Founder and CEO. He is an entrepreneur, writer, researcher, and international lecturer in management sciences. Ihab holds a PhD in Strategic Marketing from the American University of London, and MBA from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Cairo. His academic background along with 20 years at ExxonMobil has garnered him experience in management consulting, training and public speaking. He published four best seller management books, in Arabic, presenting his own theories regarding the most important and critical management related topics that, he believes, are regretfully missed within big parts of the mindsets in this part of the world. 

Ibrahim Mostafa Kamel is Co-Founder and COO.  He holds a BA in Accounting from Ain Shams University and an MBA in Marketing from Maastricht School of Management. He spent 6 years in Accounting and Finance at Mobil Oil Egypt, before spending 11 years at ExxonMobil Egypt – where he was Distributions Business Advisor for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Him and Ihab founded Almentor in 2016.  

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