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alphin is the leading marketing platform for local businesses in Europe and US. Business owners get the opportunity to showcase their company, products and services to potential customers via different digital services: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Account Management, Photographers Network, Review! (reputation tool), alphin360 (content distribution tool) and Social Ads. Through alphin, businesses have the opportunity to set the customer lifecycle management on autopilot, to make reaching new customers, increasing retention and loyalty of existing clients easier and more affordable. 

Currently, 1000+ local businesses in Austria, Germany, Israel and the UK rely on alphin to make their customer lifecycle management more easy and affordable. alphin’s client base includes LASCANA by Otto, Christ, Wonder Waffel, Rossmann, Logitech, NORDSEE, Verivox, Grand Hyatt, Madame Tussauds, Berlin Dungeon, Allianz, Le Crobag, Steigenberger, Fahrrad.de, and SEA LIFE. Freachly is headquartered in Berlin and operates offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Vienna and London. As of 12/2020 alphin employs c. 80 dedicated people.

About the founders/CEO:

alphin was founded in 2017 by Steffen Allesch and Mario Geiss.

Steffen has an impressive internship history. He worked at KPMG, AXA Private Equity (now Ardian), Oracle, Rothschild and Morgan Stanley. He also worked as a Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs, all the while volunteering with UNICEF. 

Mario graduated from Universita Commerciale 'Luigi Bocconi' before co-founding Jung & Geiss Consulting. Like Steffen, Mario also interned with KPMG. He then worked for MARKUS GmbH Kochling & Cie., ConCloud GmbH, Roket Internet SE and Roland Berger, before co-founding alphin.

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