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AMBOSS is on a mission to empower all doctors to provide the best possible care. The company was founded in 2012 after a group of medical students who were finishing their exams found themselves spending more time researching medical information than they did studying it. They wanted a single, comprehensive medical study platform that could serve as a reference-based resource and an exam prep tool. Thus, AMBOSS was born and the first product was launched.

The AMBOSS knowledge platform has fundamentally changed the way medical knowledge is acquired and used at the point of care. Students use the interactive library and high-yield question bank for general study and exam preparation, while clinicians rely on AMBOSS to make effective clinical decisions guided by evidence-based recommendations.

Today, more than 95% of German medical students use AMBOSS as their primary exam resource. More than two million healthcare professionals in over 170 countries rely on the product as a clinical companion, exam preparation tool, and comprehensive study guide.

The company’s international team has grown to over 500 doctors, scientists, and software engineers, all striving to better serve healthcare professionals around the world. Headquartered in Berlin, AMBOSS also has offices in Cologne, New York, and Cagliari.

AMBOSS is also committed to creating a better world for everyone. It partnered with an Indian NGO, the Institute for Indian Mother and Child, to build an elementary school in West Bengal, run a scholarship program for students in need to be able to access the product, and run the recognized non-profit Global Health Initiative providing universities in Africa with access to medical knowledge. Read more about its social initiatives.

About the founders/CEO:

AMBOSS was founded by a group of physicians, including Jan Sievert Weiss, Madjid Salimi, Nawid Salimi, and Benedikt Hochkirchen.

Dr. Jan Sievert Weiss - Sievert studied medicine in Göttingen, Lisbon, Zürich, and São Paulo, graduating in 2010 with a doctorate in experimental molecular biology. Before co-founding AMBOSS, Sievert worked in psychiatry and anesthesiology. Sievert also volunteered in the medical emergency unit of a development project in India, and founded a local branch of tutoring initiative for orphans in Göttingen. He is passionate about public and global health, and loves sports. Sievert lives in Berlin with his wife and three children.

Dr. Madjid Salimi - Madjid is a licensed physician, software engineer, and serial entrepreneur. He studied medicine in Göttingen, Hamburg, New York, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and Rome, where he went on to earn his doctorate in medical education. An accreditation from the MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program and the co-founding of several tech start-ups set Madjid on the path to co-founding AMBOSS. Madjid is, furthermore, an enthusiastic lacrosse player, who has played for the German national team and coached the Italian national team. He lives in Berlin with his partner and two children.

Dr. Nawid Salimi - Nawid went to medical school in Cologne and trained in New Zealand, Brazil, China, and Argentina. Prior to co-founding AMBOSS, Nawid worked as an internist. Nawid is a distinguished harpist and member of the World Doctors Orchestra. He lives in Cologne with his wife and two children."

Benedikt Hochkirchen - Before co-founding AMBOSS, Benedikt was an investment manager for ARCADIA Beteiligungen, a Hamburg-based German mid-cap private equity fund. Benedikt holds a diploma in business administration from the WHU–Otto Beisheim School of Management. He has lived and worked in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, and Uruguay. Benedikt lives in Berlin with his wife and four children.
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