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auxmoney is the largest credit marketplace in continental Europe. With auxmoney, private and institutional investors invest directly in pre-approved borrowers, without the need to go through a bank. The concept for auxmoney came from two friends, Raffael and Philip, who were one day driving through Frankfurt's banking district and as they did, thought to themselves that the huge shiny buildings housing the banks were actually unnecessary: what if they could create a way for borrowers and investors to come together directly? So they did.

Since its establishment, auxmoney has funded more than 250.000 loan requests with a total volume of more than €700 million. Using its unique risk models and expertise in credit rating and underwriting, auxmoney can make more favorable loans available to more people, while enabling investors to benefit from attractive risk-adjusted returns.

About the founders/CEO:

auxmoney was founded by Raffael Johnen, Philip Kamp and Philipp Kriependorf in 2007. 

Raffael Johnen is CEO of auxmoney. He has had previous experience in finance, as he co-founded a corporate finance advisory and investment firm, Excellion Capital, and worked as Vice President at Rothschild Investment Bank in Frankfurt.

Philipp Kriependorf, managing director of auxmoney has over 20 years of experience in building and managing digital financial services providers. Before co-founding auxmoney, he started his first company - the first online direct debit service provider in Germany - at the age of 24 during his business administration studies in Cologne. Philipp has been a member of the Advisory Board for the Digital Economy of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia since 2016. 

Philip Kamp is a serial entrepreneur. Before co-founding auxmoney, Philip started several successful companies in the fields of payment processing, collection services and fashion. Philip studied business administration at the Hogeschool for Economy and Management in Utrecht/Netherlands.
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