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Beamoperates public e-scooter sharing service in Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan, and are rapidly expanding.

"Beam was started as an Asia-first scooter sharing company focused on meeting the unique needs of Asian consumers and cities - including higher standards of safety, convenience, and collaboration with local regulators," said Alan Jiang, CEO of Beam.

Their most recent development has been the new Generation 3 Beam Saturn, a custom-built scooter designed for safety, reliability and durability. With an innovative aviation-grade aluminium frame, 10-inch tubeless safety tires, high grip rear-wheel drive and a dual mechanical and electronic braking system, it’s their best ride yet.

As well as creating this platform for sharing e-scooters, the company has also recognized the importance of educating riders on the subject of safety when using the scooters. Therefore they created the Beam Safe Academy, APAC's leading e-scooter safety education scheme. They are the only operator with a real world e-scooter training program run by professionally qualified trainers, and were the first operator to include personal accident insurance with ever ride.

About the founders/CEO:

Alan Jiang is CEO and co-founder of Beam. Prior to founding the company, Alan worked in transport giant Uber, working as International Launcher and being promoted to Country Manager, a position in which he worked for 2 years. Beam was not Alan's first founded company, with the creation of Ivy Education Group in 2009. IEG was created to provide top tier college consulting advice for Chinese students applying to elite US schools.

Deb Gangopadhyay is CTO and co-founder of Beam. Deb has several years' experience of founding companies. in 2015, he founded Funly LLC, a company which saw the building of native iOS entertainment apps used by over 50 000+ customers. A month later, he founded Customer Frist Focus, in which he built E-commerce SaaS tools used by 1000's of online businesses. 2017 saw the creation of Push Noca, a company that built fill marketing automation stack for e-commerce for new technologies.

Both Alan and Deb attended Yale University, with Alan achieving a BA in Economics, and Deb a BSc in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology.

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