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At Bearer they are crafting the ultimate technology to build plug'n play, reusable API Integrations, helping developers & companies get the most of APIs. Their thrilling technology was built to handle absolutely any API integration.

Building API Integration is painful, costly and isn't scalable! That’s why Bearer brings you a free and scalable solution. Their infrastructure has been stress tested without any failure, relying on AWS Serverless infrastructure and an amazing DevOps team to ensure your integration scale.

About the founders/CEO:

Guillaume Montard is the Co-Founder and CEO at Bearer. Guillaume has been an entrepreneur since 2006. He is particularly passionate about technology and startups. He graduated from ESIEA with a Master's in Engineering in Information Technology and Electronics. He met Guillaume, the other Co-Founder while starting his previous company in 2007.

Cédric Fabianski is the Co-Founder and CTO at Bearer. Cédric is an entrepreneur passionate about software development, particularly contributing to Open Source as much as possible. Prior to cofounding Bearer, he worked in a variety of software engineering roles and graduated with a Master’s from the Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale. He was the first employee at Guillaume’s previous company. 
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