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Billogram was founded in 2011, and has from the very beginning aimed to replace outdated payment processes and paper invoices with new, digital alternatives.

Over the years, their product has grown from a simple digital invoicing service, to a comprehensive, customer relationship-strengthening software platform that secures on-time payments, increases customer satisfaction, and prevents churn.

Using smart technology, they streamline payment processes and improve the payment experience for the end customer. Knowing that the invoice is a crucial part of the customer experience, and the most frequent point of contact between customers and their suppliers, Billogram has put customer engagement at the forefront of everything they do. Beyond simply making invoice payments easier, Billogram minimizes the risk of mistakes and misunderstandings, as well as transforming payments into a positive customer experience.

The service is simple, scalable, and ready to handle large volumes of invoices. Whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise, Billogram has the solution for you.  

Driven by the vision to build a future-proof solution, Billogram’s ambitious team of more than 140 people is growing at a fast pace, and they’re always looking for new talents with fresh perspectives.

About the founders/CEO:

Jonas Suijkerbuijk studied at the Stockholm School of Economics. Now a serial entrepreneur, he has co-founded several companies, including Agigen in 2009, and subsequently Billogram in 2011.

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